Question: What is the difference between hair spa and keratin treatment?

Hair Spa is a routine treatment that involves massage, steam, hair wash and serum. … It rejuvenates the moisture and shine of your hair, but does not involve any addition of protein. It is temporary as compared to Keratin Treatment and is recommended to be taken regularly and also according to the hair type.

What is a hair spa?

What is Hair Spa? Like any other spa treatment, a hair spa is a rejuvenating hair treatment with its own unique benefits. It relaxes you almost immediately, and leaves your hair looking lustrous and feeling soft. Hair spa treatments also help reduce the effects of pollution, dirt and sun, while strengthening your hair.

Which hair spa is best for hair growth?

Top 10 Hair Spa Products In India

  • Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Masque. …
  • Organic Harvest Hair Spa For Dry And Damaged Hair. …
  • Matrix Hydra-Creme Intense Moisture Masque For Normal To Dry Hair. …
  • HairX Restore Therapy Hair Mask. …
  • Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack. …
  • L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Masque. …
  • OxyGlow Hair Spa Cream.
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What is keratin spa treatment?

During a keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to the hair to make it look smooth, shiny and frizz free, thereby making it very popular among women and men. Such treatments fill in the porous spots in your hair which materialized due to loss of keratin.

Does keratin treatment ruin your hair?

“Keratin treatments can be damaging if the hair is over-heated with a blow-dryer or flat iron during the process, so it’s important to make sure you see an experienced stylist who is cautious,” says Meri Kate O’Connor, hairstylist and colorist at Eva Scrivo in New York City, adding that those with color-treated hair …

What are the disadvantages of hair spa?

Disadvantages Of Hair Spa

  • It has to be done regularly for results. Hair spa treatments are effective only when done regularly. …
  • May appear to be a huge investment. Hair spa treatment prices typically range between Rs. …
  • May fade hair color. …
  • Hair spa treatments alone don’t do anything.

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Does hair spa straighten hair?

It does not involve making your hair straight, rather it makes it manageable. … The treatment lasts for around 3-4 months provided you take good care of your hair and get regular hair spas and use sulfate-free shampoos.

Does hair spa make hair thicker?

Regular hair spas encourage the growth of stronger, thicker, and healthier hair, thus increasing its overall volume and body. The deep conditioning of your hair and scalp injects new life into dull hair.

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What is the cost of hair spa?

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Hair length Hair spa cost Duration of hair spa
Up to shoulder Rs 699 45 mins
Up to waist Rs 1049 60 mins
Below waist Rs 1299 75 mins

Does hair spa cause baldness?

– Avoid blow drying or chemical treatments (rebonding, perming, curling, pressing, et cetera) as much as possible. – Chemically treated hair should not be given spa treatment at all. It may lead to hair fall and alopecia. – Go for natural hair spas or DIY spa at home at least once a month.

What are the disadvantages of keratin hair treatment?

Keratin hair treatments may sound like a quick fix for curly or wavy hair, but it may cost you more in the long term. Tests show that keratin treatments contain unsafe levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals. Formaldehyde is a known cancer-causing chemical. It can also cause skin reactions and other side effects.

What are the side effects of keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment contains formaldehyde, which strengthens the hair and keeps it frizz-free. But this ingredient can lead to one of the major keratin treatment side effects.

Some other side effects that might be triggered by Keratin are:

  • Allergic reactions.
  • Scalp burns.
  • Blisters.
  • Headaches.
  • Nausea.
  • Mood changes.

Which keratin product is best?

10 Best At-Home Keratin Treatments For Straighter, Smoother Hair

  • Paris Resistance Ciment Thermique Conditioner. …
  • Keratin Silk Infusion. …
  • Keratin Protein Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. …
  • Keratin Smooth 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment. …
  • Keratin Healing Oil Intensive Hair Masque. …
  • Complex Brazilian Keratin Hair Blowout Treatment.
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Does hair go back to normal after keratin treatment?

Keratin Treatment/Brazilian Straightening:

A coating of keratin is painted and sealed onto the hair shaft, creating a moisture barrier that reduces frizz and gives hair a shiny finish. Typical results last around three months, then gently fades out as hair goes back to its natural structure.

Which hair treatment is best?

Keratin treatments have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and with good reason. They are one of the safer hair straightening techniques out there. Keratin is a natural protein that is already found in our hair, however as protein content decreases with age and a poor diet, so do keratin levels.

Is keratin safe for thin hair?

How good is Keratin treatment for thin hair? … This treatment may prove to be beneficial for thick and unmanageable hair stands, but it would help very little in treating thin hair. Fragile and thin hair strands may be overwhelmed with a Keratin treatment and may result in further hair damage and hair breakage.