Question: Can you use Vaseline as eyelash primer?

Vaseline can double up as a lash primer. It separates the lash hair and makes it easier for the mascara to come off smoothly. Take Vaseline on a clean mascara wand and run it through your lashes before applying mascara.

What can I use instead of eyelash primer?

Eyeshadow Primer Alternatives You Already Have at Home

  • Aloe Vera Gel. You might be saying “huh?” but trust us, this is a miracle worker in itself. …
  • Concealer. Grab that little bottle from your makeup bag and spring into action! …
  • Highlighter. We aren’t talking about the neon yellow variety! …
  • White Eyeliner Pencil. …
  • Foundation and Powder. …
  • Lip Gloss.

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Can you use Vaseline on your eyelids?

We recommend applying Vaseline® Jelly on eyelids because some regular moisturizers and creams are not always safe to use on the eye area. … Applying Vaseline® Jelly under eyes is a tried-and-tested way to lock in moisture, keeping skin in the eye area soft and elastic, and rejuvenating skin that looks dry and tired.

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Can I use Vaseline as mascara?

Apply a light layer of Vaseline to your upper and lower lashes just like you would apply your mascara. (Be careful to avoid getting jelly in your eyes.) Why this works: Vaseline mimics the effects of mascara, leaving you with lashes that look extra thick, shiny and voluminous.

Is Vaseline or olive oil better for eyelashes?

Vaseline And Olive Oil:

Olive oil is also the best and effective way to increase hair growth. … Olive oil is one of the best home remedies used for dense eyelashes. Using olive oil with vaseline helps to make your eyelash thicker and longer. Continuous use of one month will get desired results.

Are lash primers worth it?

‘Yes, it’s another step in your beauty regime. But eyelash primers ensure that when you layer mascara on top, it goes on clump free. Plus, they seal your mascara in place. There’s no flaking or smudging throughout the day, so it’s worth it.

Is mascara primer bad for your eyelashes?

In terms of its lash-strengthening properties, a mascara primer enriched with keratin can help—it’s the protein that the actual hair is made of, and when coated on the lash can make brittle lashes stronger.

Is Vaseline bad for eyelashes?

Vaseline is safe to use around the skin of your eyes and on your eyelashes. According to research , allergic reactions to petroleum jelly are rare, making this a good choice for people who are sensitive to other products.

How do you moisturize your eyelids?

Moisturize your skin using fragrance-free lotions or creams. Shop for fragrance-free lotion online. Try not to touch your eyes and eyelids with your fingers. Apply cool compresses to your eyelids to soothe dry, irritated, and itchy skin.

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How long does it take for Vaseline to grow eyelashes?

Because it’s oil-based, water might not be enough. Use your regular make-up routine during the day. If you do this consistently, you can see results in as little as three days!

How can I make my eyelashes look longer without mascara?

9 Ways to Get Longer Eyelashes Without Mascara

  1. Use petroleum jelly. Dabbing vaseline on your eyelashes has multiple benefits. …
  2. Avoid falsies. While false eyelashes add all the length and thickness you could want, they have a negative effect on your real lashes. …
  3. Eat healthy foods. …
  4. Comb your eyelashes. …
  5. Apply coconut oil. …
  6. Massage eyelids. …
  7. Use olive oil. …
  8. Avoid eyelash curlers.

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What can you put on your eyelashes instead of mascara?

Lightly apply the Vaseline to your lashes just as you would mascara. Not only can Vaseline help your lashes “glisten and catch the light,” according to Los Angeles makeup artist Carol Shaw (via CNN), but it can also help to strengthen and moisturize the lashes.

How do you make homemade mascara?


  1. Put coconut oil, aloe vera gel and grated beeswax in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until the beeswax is completely melted. …
  2. Pour the mixture into the mascara container. …
  3. Now store in a fridge or cool place. …
  4. If you need more hold to your mascara, add more beeswax.

Can I leave olive oil on my eyelashes overnight?

Olive/Coconut/Castor Oils

Dip a cotton swab into oil (without saturating it) and rub along your lashes. Get as close to the base (where your lashes meet your lid) as you can without getting in your eye. Repeat in other eye and leave overnight.

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How long should I leave olive oil on my eyelashes?

Pour a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and apply it to your lashes. Olive oil is heavy, so you have to be careful and take just a few drops. Leave the oil on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it off with tepid water.

How long does it take for olive oil to grow eyelashes?

The typical lash growth cycle is between 30 to 60 days, at which point hair rests before falling out. That means you can expect to see results within 2 to 4 months, says Engelman.