How do I take care of my eyelash perm?

Do eyelash perms ruin your lashes?

Haberman, using chemicals on the eyelashes themselves can cause the lashes to change in texture and even fall out. “If the solution is left on for too long, it can damage the lashes,” says Dr. Haberman, “so you want only want an eyelash perm from someone who is attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced.”

What are the do’s and don’ts after eyelash perming?


  • DO NOT wear mascara for 3 to 4 days.
  • DO NOT wash with hot water or direct water.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid using a lash curler.
  • Swimming, hot showers, and/or use of the sauna is not allowed for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Can you put oil on permed eyelashes?

Don’t use coconut or castor oil on your lashes! Doing so will result in the lift to fall! That being said, if you have a bit of curl left over on the ends of your lashes after 6-8 weeks, and you are wanting to get rid of it, grab up some of that oil.

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Can I curl my permed eyelashes?

We do not recommend the use of an eyelash curler after your Lash Lift, however, as a Lash Lift gives a much better result than using a curler! But more importantly, using an eyelash curler may weaken and damage your lashes. Is a Lash Lift the same as an eyelash perm? No!

Are eyelash perms worth it?

I would recommend this treatment for someone with much more length or stick-straight lashes. “I advise consumers to manage their expectations,” explains Merszei. “For those who have very straight, downward-growing eyelash hair, a perm can provide a nice little lift without using a curler.”

How much do lash perms cost?

Voila: curled lashes in a visit that takes about 45 minutes and costs anywhere from $25 to $70, depending on where you live. What are the results of an eyelash perm? The curl in your lashes will last anywhere from four weeks to three months.

How can I make my eyelash perm go away?

Here’s How to Fix Over Permed Eyelashes:

  1. Using a spoolie, apply perm solution to the lashes that are too curly. …
  2. Remove the perm solution using a cotton pad to soak it off your eyelashes. …
  3. Using another spoolie, apply a setting solution to your lashes. …
  4. Gently soak off the excess setting solution with a cotton pad.

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How can I make my eyelash perm last longer?

Lash Perm Aftercare

  1. Avoid wetting your eyes for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  2. Avoid using cosmetics or any other product for a minimum of 24 hours.
  3. Use a damp cotton wool compress if your eyes feel irritated after the treatment.
  4. Avoid rubbing your eyes.
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What’s the difference between lash lift and perm?

While the perm curls your lashes, the lift ‘lifts’ your lashes up from the base. Using the same chemical solution as a perm, the lash lift uses more of a speed bump shaped device, rather than a cylindrical rod. This will open up your eyes, and will give the appearance of longer lashes – without the need for extensions!

What happens if you wet your lashes after a perm?

Water or moisture should not come in with your lashes for at least 24 hours after a lash lift because water will alter the disulphide bonds in the hair’s cortex once they have set via chemical change.

Will Castor Oil ruin a lash lift?

Using Oil On Them

They might seem safe – after all, coconut oil and castor oil are natural, right? But these oils can wreak a lot of havoc to your lash lifts, breaking down the silicon rods and causing the lashes to lose their shape. If you use them as a part of your makeup application or to remove it, stop!

Can lash lifts go wrong?

Again, lash lift is not risky if done properly. So, the artist might have left the perming solution for too long or used some low-quality products or it could have been something else. This is why it is important to find an experienced artist.

Why did my lash lift not work?

When you have a barrier such as mascara, dirt, dust or oils, it’s going to stop the lash lift solution from absorbing properly which results in poor lifts. This could be the issue if your lash lift only worked on one eye and not the other, perhaps one eye had makeup or oils left on it.

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How can I perm my eyelashes at home without a kit?

Here are 4 ways you can perm your eyelashes without a kit:

  1. Heated Curler + Transparent Mascara Gel.
  2. Pulse Curler Technique.
  3. Heated Curler + Wiggle Your Mascara.
  4. DIY Lash Lift with Vaseline.

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How long does eyelash perm and tint last?

The process works similarly to a hair perm – the chemical solution breaks down the bonds in the eyelash, allowing it to change shape. After a few minutes, a setting solution will be applied to seal in the curl. The results last around six to eight weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle.