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jingles spray proteinEspecially prefect for Dry, Dull, Damaged or Chemically Treated hair. Or any hair that you want to protect or detangle with ease.
Conditioner, Strengthener & Bodifier. Beneficial for the Whole Family
Spray Protein Extra is our TOP SELLING PRODUCT spray protein and hair detangel.

Jingles Spray Protein Extra
$20.00 25.00
Jingles Spray Protein Extra
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78.00 100.00

Spray Protein Extra is a liquid oil-free conditioner featuring herbal extracts, silk protein and SWS Protein Complex for many versatile uses. Spray Protein Extra softens, strengthens and restores the hair's natural suppleness, making hair easy to comb.

Spray Protein Extra:

  •  Detangles, eliminates static and adds moisture to your hair
  •  features a sunscreen to protect hair while at the beach
  • can be used as a liquid conditioner after shampooing
  •  can be used as a leave-in treatment, in case of extremely damaged hair
  • helps detangle to reduce hair damage from combing
  • Professionals use Spray Protein as a pre-perm treatment and during perming or coloring to balance porosity of the hair shaft

Adds moisture and shine to hair while conditioning, strengthening and bodifying without excess weight. Perfect for conditioning and detangling children's hair. Oil free. Anti-static.


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