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Do you like the professional energizing shoulder, neck & back massage you receive after your barber cuts you hair?. The same  Stim-U-Lax® Personal Massager is now available to you and yours right here.

Stim-U-Lax® offers you a:

  1. Refreshing energizing barber shop massage - any time
  2. Powerful Universal Motor designed for heavy duty use & long life
  3. The Stim-U-Lax® special frame is designed to reduces fatigue, relax muscles & just plain feel good .
  4. Chrome housing & 100% ball bearing provides durability & high output
  5. no batteries - just plug in to your 120 volt AC outlet

Back Massager: this personal, hand held, electric massager is  the perfect vibrator massager and act as an all purpose back massage, neck massage and body massage machine. 

  Stim-U-Lax® Professional Back Massage ...$190.00 250.00

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